Description: Feb.10,2013 Loud Sorrel Overo Colt ~ APHA 
also eligible for Pinto Horse Assoc. and Foundation Stock Horse Assoc.

'13 APHA Sorrel Overo Colt by RockyMountn Starburst (APHA Palomino/ Dun Overo double Yellow Mount 
stud) and out of POCO DOT DELUX (APHA Bay Tobiano mare- Poco Dell/Royal King/King and Tonto Bars 
Hank/Indian Music/Three Bars). This colt is VERY flashy, VERY tall and VERY cow bred. He has a super nice 
head and has mascara around both eyes now.
Excellent prospect for ranch/rope horse, working cowhorse, reining, team roping, ranch sorting and cutting, 
team penning, trails, hunting/packing, cowboy mounted shooting, APHA performance, etc, etc. 
This colt has a very tiny hernia as you can see in his pictures. It would probably only take 3 or 4 stitches that can 
be done when he is gelded, but that is why he is so cheap.

Price: $2500

25% off if you buy 4 or more>> $1875


Aced Dellt as a yearling.




Aces Dellt at 6 months

Aces Dellt and Bulldogger


at 4 months


Aces Dellt at 3+1/2 mos

at 2+1/2 mos

RMountn YerKnotKidden and RMountn Aces Dellt


at 7 weeks 



RMOUNTN CHAPARRELLE DELL at 9+1/2 weeks (full sister)

RMOUNTN NOCONA DELL  at 2 months (full brother)

RMOUNTN TONTO DELL as 2 yr old (full brother)

POCO RJ SPITFIRE at 3 months. (half sister-out of same mare)


Pedigree: RMountn unnamed colt is by RockyMountn Starburst and out of Poco Dot Delux (see pedigrees below).
Extended                                                                                    GOLD MOUNT 
Pedigree of:                                                            CRIPPLE MOUNT       NANCY M
ROCKY MOUNTN STARBURST ("STARBURST")                 TETRAK SCOOTER                         GEORGE
March 29,'00 Palomino/Dun Overo Colt                   QH Sorrel        SCHOOL GIRL B       RUTHIE
                                    YELLOW MOUNT       154,479                              KING GEORGE
                                      Red Dun Overo                     MOOREHOUSE'S YELLOW J A MARE
                                      3,300          LADY YELLOW JACKET              JACKET MOOREHOUSE'S YELLOW
                                                       Red Dun Overo    MOOREHOUSE PAINT    UNKNOWN        WOLF 
                      SUPREME MODEL                    1,907                         MARE   JOE REED II
                        Red Dun Overo                                   LEO                 LITTLE FANNY
                        34,720                       CROTON OIL                             DOC HORN
                                                       QH Sorrel        RANDLE'S LADY       MARE by son of D J
                                    MISS BONNIE REED   58,971                               CHARLEY McCUE
                                      QH Sorrel                         STINGEREE           MAREbyBLUE EYES JR
                                      189,470        O K RANCH BONNIE                       GOTCH
                                                       QH Sorrel        BONITA              UNKNOWN
          MACHO MODEL                                  25,011                               CRIPPLE MOUNT
            Red Dun Overo                                               TETRAK SCOOTER      SCHOOL GIRL B
            148,050                                  YELLOW MOUNT                           MOOREHOUSESYELLOWJCKT
                                                       Red Dun Overo    LADY YELLOW JACKET  MOOREHOUSE PAINT MARE 
                                    SUPREME MODEL      3,300                                LEO 
                                      Red Dun Overo                     CROTON OIL          RANDLE'S LADY
                                      34,720         MISS BONNIE REED                       STINGEREE
                                                       QH Sorrel        O K RANCH BONNIE    BONITA
                      BONNIE SUPREME                   189,470                              THREE BARS
                        Red Dun Solid                                   SKYCHIEF BAR        SKYTEL
                        115,766                      BAR CLIFF                              KING SUNDAY
                                                       QH Sorrel        RED CLIFF SUE       HALL'S CANDY
                                    BAR CLIFF PAULA    209,171                              WIMPY II
                                      QH Sorrel                         WIMPY DAWSON        DIXIE DAWSON
                                      1,656,694      CHERIE ANN STEVENS                     POCO CHAMP
                                                       QH Bay           CHAMP'S MARIE       MARIE THOMAS
ROCKY MOUNTN STARBURST                                 1,068,658                            REQUESTED
  Palomino/Dun Overo                                                    CUSTUS RASTUS       SLIM ROSIE
  557,667                                            DEVIL'S RASTUS                         DEVIL VENTURE
                                                       QH Sorrel        MISS VENTURE        BEVERLY SUE
                                    PARR DEVIL         612,055                              PARR PASSUM
                                      QH Sorrel                         PARR BLACK          ESTRELLITA SUE
                                      1,193,792      NEVER CAN TELL                         LEO ROYAL BARS
                                                       QH Sorrel        GRANGA              MISS TUPALO
                      BRADY HAWK HULL                  533,014                              BAR THE DOOR
                        QH Sorrel                                       NIGHT LATCH         TIME BEAT
                        2,479,056                    NIGHT SCOOP                            SCOOPER CHICK
                                                       QH Sorrel        SCOOPON             LEODONNA
                                    HULLS BOOGIE CHICK 897,251                              PRINTER'S DEVIL
                                      QH Sorrel                         PONDIE'S PRINTER    PONDIE TWIST
                                      1,206,665      HULLS FOGGY                            HARDTACK CHAMP
                                                       QH Bay           HULL'S MISTY        DUDE'S FLICKA 
          GAMBLIN STARDUSTER                           842,364                              OKLAHOMA STAR
            Palomino Overo                                              NOWATA STAR         BAY LUCY 
            540,728                                  STAR DUSTER                            MASTER GOULD
                                                       QH Sorrel        LOWRY'S MABEL       STEEL DUST MARE
                                    STARDUSTER JR      5,152                                THREE BARS 
                                      QH Sorrel                         BARRED              READY
                                      148,663        MAZIE BAR                              CAPTAIN BILL
                                                       QH Sorrel        MAZIE DAISY         DAISY MAY
                      CREAMY STAR                      50,150                               NICK SHOEMAKER 
                        QH Palomino                                     JOKER W             HOLLYHOCK W
                        1,705,914                    MR JOKER JOE                           LITTLE COWBOY 
                                                       QH Palomino      MISS BONITA         SHEBA II
                                    CREAMY BLAZE       78,232                               ZANTANON H
                                      QH Palomino                       ZAN BREEZE          MARCH BREEZE
                                      290,809        BLONDIE BREEZE                         BARNEY OWENS
                                                       QH Palomino      CINDERELLA LOWELL   SUNFLOWER W

RockyMountn Starburst's breeding:

Yellow Mount    2X       Croton Oil       3X       Leo                 4X
Gold Mount      2X       King             5X       Wimpy P-1
Pistol Dawson            Poco Bueno       2X       Three Bars          6X
Peter McCue    45X       Hickory Bill    13X       Little Richard P-17 2X 
Yellow Jacket  14X       Chickasha Bob    5X       Oklahoma Star P-6   4X
Cardinal        2X       Old Sorrel       7X       Blackburn           7X
Joe Reed P-3    9X       Buck Thomas               Waggoner            9X
Jiggs           4X       Plaudit          4X       Norfleet            3X
Little Joe     17X       Traveler        23X       Zantanon            8X
Possum (King)   2X       Old Red Buck P-9 2X       Pretty Boy          2X
Old Fred        6X       Yellow Boy P-18  2X       Old Nick            7X
Harmon Baker    7X       San Siemon                Little Earl         4X
Sheik P-11      3X       Joe Moore                 My Texas Dandy      2X 
Midnight        2X       Badger           2X       Clabber
Joe Hancock              Cowboy P-12      2x       Hard Twist
Dee Dee                  Chief P-5        2X       Yellow Wolf         2X
Red Joe of Arizona 


Extended                                                                                ETERNAL WAR by ETERNAL BULL
Pedigree of:                                                          ETERNAL SUN       SIERRA GLITTER by SILVER KING
POCO DOT DELUX ("BRIDGET")                          ETERNAL DELL                        POCO DELL by POCO BUENO
Apr.15,'93 Bay Tobiano Mare                                           JUDY DELL         QUIT THAT by BILLY MADDON
                                    MAJESTIC DELL                                       BABE GRANDE by OLD SORREL
                                      QH Black                        LITTLE LLOYD      ESTUFA by PANCHO VILLA
                                      960,138       QUO VADIS                           BROWN CEASAR by BABEGRANDE 
                                                                      MISS CIRCLE H III BESS by KEENEY STUD
                      MAJESTIC DELUX                                                    KING by ZANTANON
                        QH Bay                                        ROYAL KING        ROCKET LANING by DOLPH
                        1,719,557                   ROYAL KING'S LAD                    CHARLEY
                                                                      MOSS' ADA M       MARE by TEXAS PRIDE
                                    TEXAS ROYAL GIRL                                    LITTLE TOM B by KING
                                      QH Sorrel                       MASTER TOM        FRANKIE McCUE IIbyELLISTONSJACK
                                      575,167       MY TEXAS TOMMIE                     UNKNOWN                   McCUE
                                                                      STRANGE WHEEL     UNKNOWN
          ESPECIALLY DELUX                                                              STARDUST by HYPERION
            QH Chestnut                                               STAR KINGDOM      IMPROMPTU by CONCERTO
            X0330,669                               *NOHOLME II                         COLOMBO by MANNA
                                                                      OCEANA            ORAMA by DIOPHON
                                    SHECKY GREENE                                       REQUESTED by QUESTIONNAIRE
                                      TB Bay                          MODEL CADET       HADEPINE by HADAGAL
                                      T0138,574     LESTER'S PRIDE                      BULL LEA by BULL DOG
                                                                      MEADOW FLOWER     SPUR FLOWER by BLUE LARKSPUR
                      NOTICE ME SHECKY                                                  GOING LIGHT by SWEEPING LIGHT
                        QH Bay                                        VANDY             JEAN ANN BLAIR by JOE BLAIR
                        X0240,159                   GARRETT'S VANDY                     LEO by JOE REED II
                                                                      GARRETTSMISS      JENNY DEE by JIMMIE ALLRED
                                    VANDY'S NOTICE                            PAWHUSKA  BULL LEA by BULL DOG
                                      QH Chestnut                     UNBELIEVABLE      HYDROPLANE II by HYPERION
                                      883,587       NOTICE ME                           TEXAS B by RED LANTADOS
                                                                      TEX ANN F         SPEEDY ANN by LITTLE BEN
POCO DOT DELUX                                                                          TOP DECK by EQUESTRIAN 
  Bay Tobiano                                                         MOON DECK         MOONLIGHT NIGHT by PEACE PIPE
  254,123                                           JET DECK                            BARRED by THREE BARS 
                                                                      MISS NIGHT BAR    BELLE OF MIDNIGHTbyMIDNIGHT JR
                                    JET SMOOTH                                          PERCENTAGE by MIDWAY
                                      QH Chestnut                     THREE BARS        MYRTLE DEE by LUKE McLUKE
                                      481,244       LENA'S BAR                          GRAY DREAM by GINO
                                                                      LENA VALENTI      PERHOBO by PERCENTAGE
                      SMOOTH N EASY                                                     THREE BARS by PERCENTAGE
                        Sorrel Tobiano                                TONTO BARS GILL   TONTO GAL by CLABBER
                        26,000                      TONTO BARS HANK                     HANK H by KING 
                                                                      HANKA             HI BABY by KING
                                    INDIAN MUSIC                                        YOUNG MIDNIGHT by MIDNIGHT
                                      Bay Tobiano                     CUE BALL          SALTY by BILLY THE TOUGH
                                      24,987        SOFT MUSIC                          JOE REED by JOE BLAIR
                                                                      MARE by JOE REED  PAINT MARE
          POCO EASY                                                                     *ROYAL MINSTREL by TETRATEMA
            Bay Tobiano                                               GAY MUSIC         ONE HOUR by SNOB
            81,409                                  MUSIC MAKER                         SUCKER RODbyBROWN JOE HANCOCK
                                                                      MESCALERO         PIE PAINT by JAMES
                                    HIGH MUSIC                                          PALLEO PETE by LEO
                                      Brown Tobiano                   TOM DUGGAN        QUICK RETURN by DEE DEE
                                      23,100        PARAGON BUNNY                       ROAN WOLF by WAGGONER
                                                                      WOLF'S BUNNY      LITTLE BLUE M by WILL STEAD
                      CALICO D BAR                                                      PERCENTAGE by MIDWAY
                        Brown Tobiano                                 THREE BARS        MYRTLE DEE by LUKE McLUKE
                        35,800                      BREEZE BAR                          BOB RANDLE by FLYING BOB
                                                                      WATCH BREEZE      BREEZE by DOC HORN
                                    LADY BETSY BAR                                      HOBO by JOE MOORE
                                      QH Bay                          BOLO              LOMA by SAM KING
                                      458,493       BETSY MARIE                         WAMPUS McCUE by JACK McCUE
                                                                      RAKE LADY 11      DUCK OWENS by BOGLE