Description: March 11,'08 Palomino Tovero Filly ~ APHA #952,667
also eligible for Pinto Horse Assoc. and Foundation Stock Horse Assoc.

'08 APHA Palomino Tovero Filly by RMOUNTN IOO GRAND BAR (APHA Palomino Overo, double Yellow Mount and 
Three Bars stud) and out of COWBOY UP CAMEO (APHA Bay Tobiano mare- 6 times to King). Stout Palomino Tovero 
filly, Foundation Cowhorse bred. Approx 14.3 to 15.0 hands. Halter broke, shots and wormed, and ready to start 
riding now. Super prospect for roping, ranch horse, working cowhorse, reining. ranch cutting/sorting, team penning, 
trails, cowboy mounted shooting, riding/packing in the mountains, etc, etc. Mother and grandmother and several  
siblings are super ranch/rope horses and her sire's grandfather has been to the Jr High School Rodeo Finals and the  
National High School Finals in roping. 
Also great foundation bloodlines and tons of color for breeding later- has dilution gene to throw palominos and  
buckskins and both tobiano and overo genes for throwing Paints! Very pretty paint filly, has a medicine hat and  
her name MARY KAY is because she has mascara around both eyes. 

Mary Kay has been saddled and ponied in the canyons and worked like a champ! - see pictures below.

Mary Kay is bred back to POCO DUN IN SILVER for an April 2012 baby.

Price: $3925 

25% off if you buy 3 or more>> $2943.75

(price will go up as she gets more training)



4+1/2 months

Mary Kay ~ very first time saddled!


Pedigree: RMTN IOOGB Mary Kay is by RMountn IOO Grand Bar and out of Cowboy Up Cameo (see pedigrees below).
Extended                                                                                TETRAK SCOOTER by CRIPPLE MOUNT byGOLD MOUNT
Pedigree of:                                                          YELLOW MOUNT      LADY YELLOW JACKETbyMOOREHOUSE'SYELLOWJACKET
RMTN IOOGB MARY KAY                                 SUPREME MODEL                       CROTON OIL by LEO by JOE REED II
Mar.11,'08 Palomino Tovero Filly                      Red Dun Overo   MISS BONNIE REED  O K RANCH BONNIE by STINGEREEbyCHARLEY McCUE
                                    MACHO MODEL       34,720                            YELLOW MOUNT by TETRAK SCOOTERbyCRIPPLEMOUNT
                                      Red Dun Overo                   SUPREME MODEL     MISS BONNIE REED by CROTON OIL by LEO
                                      148,050       BONNIE SUPREME                      BAR CLIFF by SKYCHIEF BAR by THREE BARS
                                                      Red Dun Solid   BAR CLIFF PAULA   CHERIE ANN STEVENS by WIMPY DAWSONbyWIMPY II
                      ROCKY MOUNTN STARBURST          115,766                           DEVIL'S RASTUS by CUSTUS RASTUS
                        Pal/Dun Overo                                 PARR DEVIL        NEVER CAN TELL by PARR BLACK by PARR PASSUM
                        557,667                     BRADY HAWK HULL                     NIGHT SCOOP by NIGHT LATCH by BAR THE DOOR
                                                      QH Sorrel       HULLS BOOGIECHICK HULLS FOGGY by PONDIE'S PRINTER
                                    GAMBLIN STARDUSTER 2,479,056                        STAR DUSTER by NOWATA STAR by OKLAHOMA STAR
                                      Palomino Overo(BS)              STARDUSTER JR     MAZIE BAR by BARRED by THREE BARS
                                      540,728       CREAMY STAR                         MR JOKER JOE by JOKER W by NICK SHOEMAKER
                                                      QH Palomino     CREAMY BLAZE      BLONDIE BREEZE by ZAN BREEZE by ZANTANON H
          RMOUNTN IOO GRAND BAR                       1,705,914                         MR. TAILWIND by SKIP SHI by SKIPPER'S KING
            Palomino Overo                                            WIND CHIME        TRIMBELLE by KING JACKET by L H CHOCKbyKING
            778,426                                 MR WIND MASTER                      JUAN' BADGER by SR.DON JUAN by TEXAS DANDY
                                                      Sorrel Overo    JUANS TONE        BULL TONE by BULL WAY
                                    ILL MAKEYA FAMOUS 111,292                           WATCH THAT BOY by THAT'S MY BOY
                                      Sorrel Overo                    JILL'S BOY        JILL HILL by HILL KING by KING
                                      208,178       MY ANNJILLA                         SAILOR DEE by SAILOR CUE by NUGGET McCUE S
                                                      QH Bay          GARRETT'S ANNY    PAMEL ANN by DAN W.THOMAS
                      FAMOUS CANDI BAR                1,171,921                         THREE BARS by PERCENTAGE
                        Sorrel Overo                                  ST BAR            BELLA ST MARY by SPOTTED BULL
                        358,457                     PICACHO JOE                         MR TINKY BAR by ROCKET BARS by THREE BARS
                                                      QH Sorrel       ROK A TAN         BLAIR ANN by JOE BLAIR
                                    PICACHO BAR BABE  1,088,361                         THREE BEARS by THREE BARS
                                      QH Sorrel                       BEARLY ROJO       SISSY ROJO by SAN ROJO
                                      2,721,794     SPECKS BABE                         SPECK DECK by TOP DECK
                                                      QH Sorrel       BABY SPECK        CAUDLE BABY by MASTER CAUDLE by PALE FACE H
RMTN IOOGB MARY KAY                                   1,169,295                         KING by ZANTANON
  Palomino Tovero                                                     SCHARBAUER'S KING LITTLE GINGER HbyJOEBAILEY
  952,667                                           DUDE FIVE                           SILVER WIMPY by WIMPY
                                                                      BLANCHESCHARBAUER SUNDAY SCHARBAUERbySMOKYJR
                                    GADGETS DUDE                                        PALE FACE HbyJOE TRAVELER
                                      QH Brown                        MENARD BLACK JOE  LA DELITA H by KING
                                      2,306,003     BUBBA'S GADGET                      SKIP JOHN 
                                                                      MARY SKIP         PEP'S CARGILE
                      JUSTIA LITTLE DUDE                                                THREE CHICKS by THREE BARS
                        QH Black                                      GANN'S THREECHICK LADY GANN by LEO GANN
                        2,906,065                   JUSTIA CHICK                        HIJO BARSbyTONTO BARS HANK
                                                                      BAR MISS JO       BAR MISSbyLITTLE BARTENDER
                                    JUSTIA HOBO WISH                                    GOLLY by LEO
                                      QH Sorrel                       GOLLY'S HOBO      PRETTY BO
                                      2,029,559     HOBOS LITTLE WISH                   DARK'S BLAZE
                                                                      BEE'S WISH        GREENBACK BABY
          COWBOY UP CAMEO                                                               TOP DECK
            Bay Tobiano                                               TOP BRACKET       ADA FIELDS by GOTCH
            322,847                                 SKY TOP BAR                         SKYCHIEF BAR by THREE BARS
                                                                      SKY BAR           JODY BAR by SKYLARK BAR
                                    TOP KING BAR                                        SCHARBAUER'S KING by KING
                                      Sorrel Tobiano                  MIDNIGHT FIVE     SALLY SCHARBAUERbySMOKY JR
                                      18,930        KING'S BABY FIVE                    CHINA BOY by SOX by SHEIK
                                                                      BABY BLAZE        MISS ZO 2 by LITTLE LLOYD
                      NITO BINGO                                                        JOE REED II by JOE REED
                        Sorrel Tobiano                                LEO               LITTLE FANNY by JOE REED
                        188,652                     LEO BINGO                           BEGGAR BOY by BLACK TONY
                                                                      BEGGER GIRL       BALDY GIRLbyOKLAHOMA STAR
                                    JUANITA BINGO                                       BATTLE CREEKbyMYTEXASDANDY
                                      QH Sorrel                       BULL BAT          McKENZIE QUEEN
                                      564,205       PALM LADY                           SERGENT by BILLY McCUE
                                                                      MISS AMARILLO     MOLLY O'D by KING GEORGE


Extended                                                                                CRIPPLE MOUNT by GOLD MOUNT
Pedigree of:                                                          TETRAK SCOOTER    SCHOOL GIRL B by GEORGE
RMOUNTN IOO GRAND BAR                               YELLOW MOUNT                        MOOREHOUSE'S YELLOW JACKETbyKING GEORGE
Mar.8,2003 Loud Palomino Overo Colt                                   LADY YELLOW       MOOREHOUSEPAINTMAREbyMOOREHOUSES YELLOW
                                    SUPREME MODEL                               JACKET  LEO by JOE REED II                 WOLF
                                      Red Dun Overo                   CROTON OIL        RANDLE'S LADY by DOC HORN
                                      34,720        MISS BONNIE REED                    STINGEREE by CHARLEY McCUE
                                                                      O K RANCH BONNIE  BONITA by GOTCH
                      MACHO MODEL                                                       TETRAK SCOOTER by CRIPPLE MOUNT
                        Red Dun Overo                                 YELLOW MOUNT      LADY YELLOW JACKETbyMORREHOUSES YELLOW 
                        148,050                     SUPREME MODEL                       CROTON OIL by LEO                JACKET
                                                                      MISS BONNIE REED  O K RANCH BONNIE by STINGEREE
                                    BONNIE SUPREME                                      SKYCHIEF BAR by THREE BARS
                                      Red Dun Solid                   BAR CLIFF         RED CLIFF SUE by KING SUNDAY
                                      115,766       BAR CLIFF PAULA                     WIMPY DAWSON by WIMPY II
                                                                      CHERIE ANN        CHAMP'S MARIE by POCO CHAMP 
          ROCKY MOUNTN STARBURST                                               STEVENS  CUSTUS RASTUS by REQUESTED
            Pal/Dun Overo                                             DEVIL'S RASTUS    MISS VENTURE by DEVIL VENTURE
            557,667                                 PARR DEVIL                          PARR BLACK by PARR PASSUM
                                                                      NEVER CAN TELL    GRANGA by LEO ROYAL BARS
                                    BRADY HAWK HULL                                     NIGHT LATCH by BAR THE DOOR
                                      QH Sorrel                       NIGHT SCOOP       SCOOPON by SCOOPER CHICK
                                      2,479,056     HULLS BOOGIE CHICK                  PONDIE'S PRINTER by PRINTER'S DEVIL
                                                                      HULLS FOGGY       HULL'S MISTY by HARDTACK CHAMP
                      GAMBLIN STARDUSTER                                                NOWATA STAR by OKLAHOMA STAR
                        Palomino Overo                                STAR DUSTER       LOWRY'S MABEL by MASTER GOULD
                        540,728                     STARDUSTER JR                       BARRED by THREE BARS
                                                                      MAZIE BAR         MAZIE DAISY by CAPTAIN BILL
                                    CREAMY STAR                                         JOKER W by NICK SHOEMAKER
                                      QH Palomino                     MR JOKER JOE      MISS BONITA by LITTLE COWBOY
                                      1,705,914     CREAMY BLAZE                        ZAN BREEZE by ZANTANON H
                                                                      BLONDIE BREEZE    CINDERELLA LOWELL by BARNEY OWENS
RMOUNTN IOO GRAND BAR                                                                   SKIP SHI by SKIPPER'S KING
  Palomino Overo                                                      MR. TAILWIND      RICKIE ASHWOOD by RUDY ASHWOOD
  778,426                                           WIND CHIME                          KING JACKET by LHCHOCK by KING 
                                                                      TRIMBELLE         MISS CHUB 16 by CHUBBY MAC
                                    MR WIND MASTER                                      SR. DON JUAN by TEXAS DANDY
                                      Sorrel Overo                    JUAN' BADGER      BADGER'S LOU by PRETTYBADGER
                                      111,292       JUANS TONE                          BULL WAY by HAYES' PRIDE
                                                                      BULL TONE         SWENTONE by DUSTY 8
                      ILL MAKEYA FAMOUS                                                 THAT'S MY BOY by DEPTH CHARGE
                        Sorrel Overo                                  WATCH THAT BOY    DANDY ANN by JABO MOORE
                        208,178                     JILL'S BOY                          HILL KING by KING
                                                                      JILL HILL         FAY LIGHTNING by LIGHTNING BAR
                                    MY ANNJILLA                                         SAILOR CUE by NUGGET McUE S
                                      QH Bay                          SAILOR DEE        DAISY SHOEMAKER by GOLDDUST SHOEMAKER
                                      1,171,921     GARRETT'S ANNY                      DAN W.THOMAS by RED THOMAS
                                                                      PAMEL ANN         MY LADYPANITA by SITTING BULL
          FAMOUS CANDI BAR                                                              PERCENTAGE by MIDWAY
            Sorrel Overo                                              THREE BARS        MYRTLE DEE by LUKE McLUKE
            358,457                                 ST BAR                              SPOTTED BULL by BULL DOG
                                                                      BELLA ST MARY     DOLLY MACK by ACE OF DIAMONDS
                                    PICACHO JOE                                         ROCKET BARS by THREE BARS
                                      QH Sorrel                       MR TINKY BAR      TINKY'S LADY by TINKY POO
                                      1,088,361     ROK A TAN                           JOE BLAIR by BONNIE JOE
                                                                      BLAIR ANN         SUNSHINE P by AL B
                      PICACHO BAR BABE                                                  THREE BARS by PERCENTAGE
                        QH Sorrel                                     THREE BEARS       HONEY BAR by THREE BARS
                        2,721,794                   BEARLY ROJO                         SAN ROJO by SIERRA BREEZE
                                                                      SISSY ROJO        SISSY FLASH by GREEN FLASH
                                    SPECKS BABE                                         TOP DECK by EQUESTRIAN
                                      QH Sorrel                       SPECK DECK        LADY HEART by FLYING BOB
                                      1,169,295     BABY SPECK                          MASTER CAUDLE by PALE FACE H
                                                                      CAUDLE BABY       STARLEGS by STARDUST OLOUGHLIN


Extended                                                                                ZANTANON by LITTLE JOE
Pedigree of:                                                          KING              JABALINA by STRAIT HORSE
COWBOY UP CAMEO ("CAMEO")                           SCHARBAUER'S KING                   JOE BAILEY by LITTLE KING
Mar.8,'94 Bay Tobiano Mare                                            LITTLE GINGER H   GINGER H by KING
                                    DUDE FIVE                                           WIMPY by SOLIS
                                      QH Black                        SILVER WIMPY      SILVER LUCY 016byOLD SORREL
                                      376,306       BLANCHE SCHARBAUER                  SMOKY JR by SMOKY
                                                                      SUNDAY SCHARBAUER SCHARBAUER MARE by OLD JOHN
                      GADGETS DUDE                                                      JOE TRAVELER by LITTLE JOE
                        QH Brown                                      PALE FACE H       QUEEN H by DAN
                        2,306,003                   MENARD BLACK JOE                    KING by ZANTANON
                                                                      LA DELITA H       OLD LA DELITA by PANCHO VILLA
                                    BUBBA'S GADGET                                      SPOT CASH by SKIPPER W
                                      QH Roan                         SKIP JOHN         AGUA FUERTE by NICK SHOEMAKER
                                      534,935       MARY SKIP                           HANDY PEP DUBLIN by HIRED HAND
                                                                      PEP'S CARGILE     OLD CARGILE by HONEY CARGILE
          JUSTIA LITTLE DUDE                                                            THREE BARS by PERCENTAGE
            QH Black                                                  THREE CHICKS      CHICADO V by CHICARO BILL
            2,906,065                               GANN'S THREE CHICK                  LEO GANN by LEO
                                                                      LADY GANN         RUBY LEE
                                    JUSTIA CHICK                                        TONTO BARS HANKbyTONTO BARS GILL
                                      QH Red Dun                      HI JO BARS        MISS HI JO by BOBS FOLLY
                                      1,460,002     BAR MISS JO                         LITTLE BARTENDER by BARTENDER
                                                                      BAR MISS          CHAPARRITA MAIDbyCHAPARRITACHIEF
                      JUSTIA HOBO WISH                                                  LEO by JOE REED II
                        QH Sorrel                                     GOLLY             SHEELGO by STORMY DON
                        2,029,559                   GOLLY'S HOBO                        LITTLE TOM B by KING
                                                                      PRETTY BO         MISS BO by by HOBO
                                    HOBOS LITTLE WISH                                   AFTER DARK by GARCIA SILVERTONE
                                      QH Black                        DARK'S BLAZE      EVA C by J A
                                      1,686,299     BEE'S WISH                          M&M'S MAJOR'S MANGUM
                                                                      GREENBACK BABY    GREENBACK
COWBOY UP CAMEO                                                                         EQUESTRIAN by EQUIPOISE
  Bay Tobiano                                                         TOP DECK          RIVER BOAT by CHICARO
  322,847                                           TOP BRACKET                         GOTCH by LITTLE JOE
                                                                      ADA FIELDS        PATTY ANN by UNCLE JIMMIE GRAY
                                    SKY TOP BAR                                         THREE BARS by PERCENTAGE  
                                      Bay Tobiano                     SKYCHIEF BAR      SKYTEL by LITTLE MIKE
                                      8,874         SKY BAR                             SKYLARK BAR by THREE BARS
                                                                      JODY BAR          BABETTE by PAINTED JOE
                      TOP KING BAR                                                      KING by ZANTANON
                        Sorrel Tobiano                                SCHARBAUER'S KING LITTLE GINGER H by JOE BAILEY
                        18,930                      MIDNIGHT FIVE                       SMOKY JR by SMOKY
                                                                      SALLY SCHARBAUER  SUPER SCHARBAUERbySALTY GARRETT
                                    KING'S BABY FIVE                                    SOX by SHEIK              HORSE
                                      QH Sorrel                       CHINA BOY         MARE by SHEIK
                                      320,479       BABY BLAZE                          LITTLE LLOYD by BABE GRANDE
                                                                      MISS ZO 2         MISS Z O by LITTLE MIKE
          NITO BINGO                                                                    JOE REED by JOE BLAIR
            Sorrel Tobiano                                            JOE REED II       NELLENE by FLEETING TIME
            188,652                                 LEO                                 JOE REED by JOE BLAIR
                                                                      LITTLE FANNY      FANNY ASHWELL by ASHWELL
                                    LEO BINGO                                           BLACK TONEY by PETER PAN
                                      QH Sorrel                       BEGGAR BOY        USEEIT by BONNIE JOE
                                      71,355        BEGGER GIRL                         OKLAHOMA STAR by DENNIS REED
                                                                      BALDY GIRL        DAD BENNETT MARE 
                      JUANITA BINGO                                                     MY TEXAS DANDYby*PORTE DRAPEAU 
                        QH Sorrel                                     BATTLE CREEK      ANN'S DAUGHTER by LEONARD B
                        564,205                     BULL BAT                            JOHNNIE McKENZIE by SHEIK 
                                                                      McKENZIE QUEEN    BINFORDMARE(BAYLADYQUEEN)
                                    PALM LADY                                           BILLY McCUE by JACK McCUE
                                      QH Sorrel                       SERGENT           SILVER by BLUE EYES
                                      71,149        MISS AMARILLO                       KING GEORGE by LITTLE RICHARD
                                                                      MOLLY O'D         J A QUARTER MARE