Poco S TwentyTwo Mag


Description: March 27,'09 Grulla Colt ~ APHA 
also eligible for both Buckskin/Dun Assoc.'s and Foundation Stock Horse Assoc.

'09 APHA Grulla Colt by Poco Dun in Silver (AQHA Grulla triple Poco Bueno stud) and out of COWBOY UP CAMEO 
(APHA Bay Tobiano mare- 6 times to King).  Lots of old foundation cowhorse lines here. 22 Mag is super stout, very  
heavy built, very good disposition and shedding out a dark slate grulla.
Very good prospect for ranch/rope horse, working cowhorse, reining, ranch sorting and cutting, team penning, trails,
hunting/packing, cowboy mounted shooting, etc, etc. His mama, grandma and several siblings are ranch roping horses, 
and are STOUT. Has had 3 way w/tetanus.

Price: $2000


4 months

4 months

10 weeks

Pedigree: Poco S TwentyTwo Mag is by Poco Dun in Silver and out of Cowboy Up Cameo (see pedigrees below).
Extended                                                                                ZANTANON by LITTLE JOE
Pedigree of:                                                          KING              JABALINA by STRAIT HORSE
POCO DUN IN SILVER                                  POCO BUENO                          POCO BUENO 1 by LITTLE JOE
May 2005 Grulla AQHA Colt                             Brown           MISS TAYLOR       MARE by HICKORY BILL
                                    POCO DISCOUNT     3,044                             PRETTY BOY by DODGER
                                      Dun                             PRETTY BUCK       MARE by BUCK THOMAS
                                      165,536       MISS BOW TIE                        BLACKBURN by YELLOW JACKET
                                                      Dun             SHIELFLY          COTTON EYE by COTTON EYED JOE
                      DISCOUNTS IMAGE                 17,395                            BABE CODY by BILL CODY
                        Dun                                           TRUE BLUE CODY    TRU SIS by LAURO
                        1,523,004                   PERLE CODY                          JOE OBRIEN JR by JOE OBRIEN
                                                      Chestnut        ROAN PEARL        MISS IRENE by RED HEAD
                                    BILLIEJO CODY     453,240                           SMUTTY BILL by BUDDY DEXTER
                                      Chestnut                        JO JO BILL        HI BABY by KING
                                      994,449       MISS BERTIE SOX                     WILSONS REDWOOD by KINGWOOD
                                                      Brown           BERTIE WOOD       BERTIE TOO by COWANS BILLY BOB
          CE POCO SILVER LT                           457,875                           ZANTANON by LITTLE JOE
            Grulla                                                    KING              JABALINA by STRAIT HORSE
            4,152,993                               POCO BUENO                          POCO BUENO 1 by LITTLE JOE
                                                      Brown           MISS TAYLOR       MARE by HICKORY BILL
                                    POCO DIEGO 007    3,044                             HIRED HAND by OLD SORREL
                                      Bay                             RAWHIDE HILL      PATOS BLANCAS DE JAVIEL by PEPPY
                                      399,601       THURMOND SORREL                     BILLY SUNDAY B by MIDNIGHT JR
                                                      Sorrel          AQUA              MISS TEAL by RED LIGHTNING
                      POCO CHULUPA                    89,556                            THREE BARS by PERCENTAGE
                        Bay                                           SUGAR BARS        FRONTERA SUGAR by REY
                        2,697,080                   SUGAR BAND                          BAND PLAY by BAND TIME
                                                      Bay             BANDETTE          J T 6 by SAM WATKINS
                                    SKIRTS RED        95,814                            PEP UP by MACANUDO
                                      Sorrel                          PEP UP JR         LADY BLACKBURN I by BLACKBURN
                                      1,162,793     PEP'S FAIR LADY                     JOE BAILEY by LITTLE KING I
                                                      Dun             LADY HINTON       HARRIS MARE
POCO DUN IN SILVER                                    131,669                           THREE BARS by PERCENTAGE
  Grulla                                                              BAR CARO          CHICARO ANNIE C by CHICARO BILL
  4,663,671                                         OAK BAR                             RUDY ASHWOOD by ASHWOOD
                                                      Sorrel          SISSY ASHWOOD     SISSY BUCK by PRETTY BUCK
                                    OAK BAR BUCK      213,789                           PRETTY BOY by DODGER
                                      Dun                             PRETTY BUCK       MARE by BUCK THOMAS
                                      304,740       SALLY BUCK                          ED ECHOLS by ZANTANON
                                                      Dun             WHISPERING WIND   CREOLE by BILL FLEMING
                      SCOOT OAK BAR JAY               57,237                            QUESTION MARK by PLAUDIT
                        Red Dun                                       BOB WADE W        WYONA
                        1,581,157                   HANK WADE                           HANKSHOEMAKERbyGOLDDUSTSHOEMAKER
                                                      Dun             HANKS SPLASH      SPLASH 2 by SONNY BUCK
                                    HANK'S SCOOT      77,203                            SCOOTER S by SILVER KING
                                      Buckskin                        SPUTNICK I        HOBO JANE by HOBO
                                      793,415       SPUTNIK'S DANCER                    HICKORY McCUE by YELLOW WASP
                                                      Bay             GORDONS BAY LADY  MARE by BIVINS HORSE
          CONTESSAS LAST                              230,704                           ZANTANON by LITTLE JOE
            Grulla                                                    KING              JABALINA by STRAIT HORSE
            2,782,220                               POCO BUENO                          POCO BUENO 1 by LITTLE JOE
                                                      Brown           MISS TAYLOR       MARE by HICKORY BILL
                                    POCO PINE         3,044                             DODGER by HARMON BAKER
                                      Bay                             PRETTY BOY        LITTLE MAUD by TIP
                                      44,523        PRETTY ROSALIE                      
                                                      Dun             WAGGONER MARE
                      CONTESSA PINE                   13,768                            SOLIS by OLD SORREL
                        Bay                                           WIMPY             PANDA by OLD SORREL
                        344,191                     WIMPY JR                            MACANUDO by OLD SORREL
                                                      Chestnut        LA MACA           VERGANZA by PEPPY
                                    CONTESSA WIMPY    46,957                            LITTLE RICHARD by OLD SORREL
                                      Chestnut                        PEPPY             CHINA by CARDINAL
                                      152,982       JULIA CHIQUITA II                   MACANUDO by OLD SORREL
                                                      Bay             JULIA CHIQUITA    JULIA VIEJA by LITTLE HICKORY


Extended                                                                                ZANTANON by LITTLE JOE
Pedigree of:                                                          KING              JABALINA by STRAIT HORSE
COWBOY UP CAMEO ("CAMEO")                           SCHARBAUER'S KING                   JOE BAILEY by LITTLE KING
Mar.8,'94 Bay Tobiano Mare                                            LITTLE GINGER H   GINGER H by KING
                                    DUDE FIVE                                           WIMPY by SOLIS
                                      QH Black                        SILVER WIMPY      SILVER LUCY 016byOLD SORREL
                                      376,306       BLANCHE SCHARBAUER                  SMOKY JR by SMOKY
                                                                      SUNDAY SCHARBAUER SCHARBAUER MARE by OLD JOHN
                      GADGETS DUDE                                                      JOE TRAVELER by LITTLE JOE
                        QH Brown                                      PALE FACE H       QUEEN H by DAN
                        2,306,003                   MENARD BLACK JOE                    KING by ZANTANON
                                                                      LA DELITA H       OLD LA DELITA by PANCHO VILLA
                                    BUBBA'S GADGET                                      SPOT CASH by SKIPPER W
                                      QH Roan                         SKIP JOHN         AGUA FUERTE by NICK SHOEMAKER
                                      534,935       MARY SKIP                           HANDY PEP DUBLIN by HIRED HAND
                                                                      PEP'S CARGILE     OLD CARGILE by HONEY CARGILE
          JUSTIA LITTLE DUDE                                                            THREE BARS by PERCENTAGE
            QH Black                                                  THREE CHICKS      CHICADO V by CHICARO BILL
            2,906,065                               GANN'S THREE CHICK                  LEO GANN by LEO
                                                                      LADY GANN         RUBY LEE
                                    JUSTIA CHICK                                        TONTO BARS HANKbyTONTO BARS GILL
                                      QH Red Dun                      HI JO BARS        MISS HI JO by BOBS FOLLY
                                      1,460,002     BAR MISS JO                         LITTLE BARTENDER by BARTENDER
                                                                      BAR MISS          CHAPARRITA MAIDbyCHAPARRITACHIEF
                      JUSTIA HOBO WISH                                                  LEO by JOE REED II
                        QH Sorrel                                     GOLLY             SHEELGO by STORMY DON
                        2,029,559                   GOLLY'S HOBO                        LITTLE TOM B by KING
                                                                      PRETTY BO         MISS BO by by HOBO
                                    HOBOS LITTLE WISH                                   AFTER DARK by GARCIA SILVERTONE
                                      QH Black                        DARK'S BLAZE      EVA C by J A
                                      1,686,299     BEE'S WISH                          M&M'S MAJOR'S MANGUM
                                                                      GREENBACK BABY    GREENBACK
COWBOY UP CAMEO                                                                         EQUESTRIAN by EQUIPOISE
  Bay Tobiano                                                         TOP DECK          RIVER BOAT by CHICARO
  322,847                                           TOP BRACKET                         GOTCH by LITTLE JOE
                                                                      ADA FIELDS        PATTY ANN by UNCLE JIMMIE GRAY
                                    SKY TOP BAR                                         THREE BARS by PERCENTAGE  
                                      Bay Tobiano                     SKYCHIEF BAR      SKYTEL by LITTLE MIKE
                                      8,874         SKY BAR                             SKYLARK BAR by THREE BARS
                                                                      JODY BAR          BABETTE by PAINTED JOE
                      TOP KING BAR                                                      KING by ZANTANON
                        Sorrel Tobiano                                SCHARBAUER'S KING LITTLE GINGER H by JOE BAILEY
                        18,930                      MIDNIGHT FIVE                       SMOKY JR by SMOKY
                                                                      SALLY SCHARBAUER  SUPER SCHARBAUERbySALTY GARRETT
                                    KING'S BABY FIVE                                    SOX by SHEIK              HORSE
                                      QH Sorrel                       CHINA BOY         MARE by SHEIK
                                      320,479       BABY BLAZE                          LITTLE LLOYD by BABE GRANDE
                                                                      MISS ZO 2         MISS Z O by LITTLE MIKE
          NITO BINGO                                                                    JOE REED by JOE BLAIR
            Sorrel Tobiano                                            JOE REED II       NELLENE by FLEETING TIME
            188,652                                 LEO                                 JOE REED by JOE BLAIR
                                                                      LITTLE FANNY      FANNY ASHWELL by ASHWELL
                                    LEO BINGO                                           BLACK TONEY by PETER PAN
                                      QH Sorrel                       BEGGAR BOY        USEEIT by BONNIE JOE
                                      71,355        BEGGER GIRL                         OKLAHOMA STAR by DENNIS REED
                                                                      BALDY GIRL        DAD BENNETT MARE 
                      JUANITA BINGO                                                     MY TEXAS DANDYby*PORTE DRAPEAU 
                        QH Sorrel                                     BATTLE CREEK      ANN'S DAUGHTER by LEONARD B
                        564,205                     BULL BAT                            JOHNNIE McKENZIE by SHEIK 
                                                                      McKENZIE QUEEN    BINFORDMARE(BAYLADYQUEEN)
                                    PALM LADY                                           BILLY McCUE by JACK McCUE
                                      QH Sorrel                       SERGENT           SILVER by BLUE EYES
                                      71,149        MISS AMARILLO                       KING GEORGE by LITTLE RICHARD
                                                                      MOLLY O'D         J A QUARTER MARE