Description: April 13,'10 Red Dun Colt ~ AQHA and APHA 
also eligible for both Buckskin/Dun Assoc.'s and all 4 Foundation Assoc.'s

'10 AQHA+APHA Red Dun Colt by Poco Royal Jessie (AQHA Dun Poco Bueno/Jessie James/Royal King stud) and out 
of Gamblin Starduster (AQHA/APHA Palomino mare- Oklahoma Star and Three Bars). Lots of good old cowhorse 
foundation lines here. Very big stout colt, team roping or stud prospect.  This colt was born a palomino/dun with the 
hazel eyes (typical of the buckskins and palominos) but now has shed out red dun- very flashy!! And very stocky-I 
call him my "club calf" because he's so broad. They'll really see you coming at the team ropings with this guy!! Del 
Rio Oro is also a half brother to RockyMountn Starburst.
Very good prospect for ranch/rope horse, working cowhorse, reining, ranch sorting and cutting, team penning, trails, 
hunting/packing, cowboy mounted shooting, etc, etc. I have roped off his mama. He is eligible for AQHA, APHA, 
Foundation Stock Horse Assoc, all the Foundation Quarter Horse Assoc's, and both Buckskin/Dun Assoc's. He is halter 
broke, shots and wormed.

Price: $2500

25% off if you buy 3 or more>> $1875


as a yearling  



3+1/2 months

5 weeks

Pedigree: Poco RJ Del Rio Oro is by Poco Royal Jessie and out of Gamblin Starduster (see pedigrees below).
Extended                                                                                LITTLE JOE by TRAVELER
Pedigree of:                                                          ZANTANON          JEANETTE by BILLY
POCO ROYAL JESSIE                                   KING                                STRAIT HORSE by YELLOW JACKET
'98 Dun AQHA Stallion                                 QH Bay          JABALINA          BAY MARE by TRAVELER
                                    POCO BUENO        234                               LITTLE JOE by TRAVELER
                                      QH Brown                        OLD POCO BUENO    VIRGINIA D by BIG JIM
                                      3044          MISS TAYLOR                         HICKORY BILL by PETER McCUE
                                                      QH Bay          EADS MARE         UNKNOWN
                      POCO CUFF                       2636                              PORT by THE PORTER
                        QH Bay                                        HONEY BOY CRUSE   TRIANGLE QUARTER MARE
                        365,648                     FRECKLES' BOY                       HOT SHOT B by COWBOY H
                                                      QH Sorrel       SHOT'S FRECKLES   LITTLE FRECKLESS by RED BUCK
                                    FRECKLES MISS 84  62,991                            PEP UP by MACANUDO
                                      QH Sorrel                       NIFTY PEP         LADY BAILEY II by BAILEY
                                      210,519       LADY NIFTY 84                       PRETTY BOY by DODGER
                                                      QH Dun          PRETTY LADY       WAGGONER MARE 
          CUFFS JESSIE JAMES                          47,776                            HARMON BAKER by PETER McCUE
            QH Dun                                                    JAZZ              JIM NED MARE by JIM NED
            2,726,686                               RED                                 LOUIS FARR by HARMON BAKER
                                                      QH Sorrel       RED DAM           MARE by JOHNNIE 
                                    JESSIE JAMES      204                               CAPTAIN RAY by SEA KING
                                      QH Dun                          RENO BAY          FLORA McGINN by GOLD HEELS
                                      2257          RENO MAY                            SALTY by HINCH BARROW HORSE
                                                      QH Dun          MARE by SALTY     UNKNOWN
                      DEL JAYS JAMIE                  U0078,695                         DODGER by HARMON BAKER
                        QH Dun                                        PRETTY BOY        LITTLE MAUD by TIP
                        733,541                     DUNNY D                             BLACKBURN by YELLOW JACKET
                                                      QH Dun          MARY D            MARE by BAILEY 
                                    BOW TIE DUNNY     9540                              KING by ZANTANON
                                      QH Dun                          POCO BUENO        MISS TAYLOR by OLD POCO BUENO
                                      414,395       POCO MISS JAB                       PRETTY BUCK by PRETTY BOY
                                                      QH Dun          MISS BOW TIE      SHIELFLY by BLACKBURN
POCO ROYAL JESSIE                                     216,942                           LITTLE JOE by TRAVELER
  QH Dun                                                              ZANTANON          JEANETTE by BILLY
  3,782,391                                         KING                                STRAIT HORSE by YELLOW JACKET
                                                      QH Bay          JABALINA          BAY MARE by TRAVELER
                                    ROYAL KING        234                               CREMO by CLOUDY
                                      QH Sorrel                       DOLPH             QUEEN by YELLOW JACKET
                                      2392          ROCKET LANING                       COLDY by YELLOW JACKET
                                                      QH Sorrel       CRICKET           MARE
                      WAGGONER ROYAL                  39,024                            PORT by THE PORTER
                        QH Sorrel                                     HONEY BOY CRUSE   TRIANGLE QUARTER MARE
                        248,224                     FRECKLES' BOY                       HOT SHOT B by COWBOY H
                                                      QH Sorrel       SHOT'S FRECKLES   LITTLE FRECKLESS by RED BUCK
                                    FRECKLES LADY 81  62,991                            DODGER by HARMON BAKER
                                      QH Chestnut                     PRETTY BOY        LITTLE MAUD by TIP
                                      107,775       PRETTY LADY 81                      UNKNOWN  
                                                      QH Sorrel       WAGGONER MARE     UNKNOWN
          LAURAS ROYAL GAL                            47,816                            HICKORY BILL by PETER McCUE
            QH Sorrel                                                 OLD SORREL        DR ROSE MARE
            2,200,099                               OLD MAN                             CARDINAL by OLD SORREL          
                                                      QH Sorrel       CHINA             BRILLANTE MARE by BRILLANTE
                                    JUNIOR MAN        2012                              KING by ZANTANON
                                      QH Bay                          ROYAL KING        ROCKET LANING by DOLPH
                                      192,736       BAY DOLLIE                          DOGIE BOY by MY PARDNER
                                                      QH Bay          DOLLIE DEE        DOLLIE by HUGHES HORSE
                      LESA'S BABY DOLL                14,102                            HICKORY BILL by PETER McCUE
                        QH Dun                                        OLD SORREL        DR ROSE MARE
                        471,209                     OLD MAN                             CARDINAL by OLD SORREL
                                                      QH Sorrel       CHINA             BRILLANTE MARE by BRILLANTE
                                    SQUAW'S LESA      2012                              BLACK BEAR
                                      QH Palomino                     BOOGER BEAR       BERRY KETCHUM MARE
                                      213,986       SQUAW BEAR                          BARNEY TROUTMAN by BILLY McCUE
                                                      QH Palomino     GINGER BIG ENUF   BIG ENUF by A D REED


Waggoner Royal              Yellow Jacket  6X           Waggoner        5X
Poco Bueno     2X           Hickory Bill   8X           Pep Up    
Jessie James                Peter McCue   14X           Little Richard
Royal King     2X           Cowboy H       2X           Harmon Baker    4X
King           4X           Red Buck       2X           Pretty Boy      3X
Red                         Peppy          2X           Blackburn       2X
Zantanon       4X           Buck Thomas    5X           Old Joe Bailey
Little Joe     6X           Cardinal       4X           Pretty Buck
Traveler       6X           Old Sorrel     8X


Extended                                                                                QUESTIONNAIRE by STING
Pedigree of:                                                          REQUESTED         FAIR PERDITA by ETERNAL
GAMBLIN STARDUSTER ("STARDUSTER")                   CUSTUS RASTUS                       TRYSTER by PETER PAN
May 19,'93 Palomino Mare                                              SLIM ROSIE        ROCKLAND by FRIAR ROCK
                                    DEVILS RASTUS                                       JOINT VENTURE by THREE BARS
                                      QH Sorrel                       DEVIL VENTURE     FLAXY HUG by BEAR HUG
                                      612,055       MISS VENTURE                        GOLDDUST SHOEMAKER by NICK
                                                                      BEVERLEY SUE      FRECKLES QUESTIONbyQUESTIONMARK 
                      PARR DEVIL                                                        DANGER BOY II
                        QH Sorrel                                     PARR PASSUM       LA PRICE
                        1,193,792                   PARR BLACK                          LITTLE JESS
                                                                      ESTRELLITA SUE    ESTRELLA
                                    NEVER CAN TELL                                      ROYAL BAR
                                      QH Sorrel                       LEO ROYAL BARS    DANDY LEO
                                      533,014       GRANGA                              CHIGGER
                                                                      MISS TUPALO       SUGAR FOOT M
          BRADY HAWK HULL                                                               THREE BARS by PERCENTAGE
            QH Sorrel                                                 BAR THE DOOR      DELLA ROSE by FLYING BOB
            2,479,056                               NIGHT LATCH                         TIME PRINCE by TIME MAKER
                                                                      TIME BEAT         ANNIE BOMAR by DICK McCUE
                                    NIGHT SCOOP                                         TRIPLE CHICK by THREE BARS
                                      QH Sorrel                       SCOOPER CHICK     SCOOP BAM by WAR BAM
                                      897,251       SCOOPON                             CROTON OIL by LEO
                                                                      LEODONNA          DAWNETTA by BUDWEISER
                      HULLS BOOGIE CHICK                                                CUSTUS RASTUS 
                        QH Sorrel                                     PRINTER'S DEVIL   MISS PRINT
                        1,206,665                   PONDIE'S PRINTER                    THADIUS TOAD
                                                                      PONDIE TWIST      PON DEE LILY
                                    HULLS FOGGY                                         HARDTACK McCUE
                                      QH Bay                          HARDTACK CHAMP    FREIDA'S CHAMP
                                      842,364       HULL'S MISTY                        SMALL TOWN DUDE
                                                                      DUDE'S FLICKA     SNIP McCUE
GAMBLIN STARDUSTER                                                                      DENNIS REED by LOBOS
  Palomino Overo (BS)                                                 OKLAHOMA STAR     CUTTHROAT by GULLIVER
  APHA 540,728                                      NOWATA STAR                         CHIEF by PETER McCUE
  AQHA 5,253,907                                                      BAY LUCY          ROGER MILLS by PETER McCUE
                                    STAR DUSTER                                         SEAL SKIN by HARMON BAKER
                                      QH Sorrel                       MASTER GOULD      GRACIE GOULD by REGISTER
                                      5,152         LOWRY'S MABEL                       STEEL DUST by HARRY BLUFF
                                                                      STEEL DUST MARE   UNKNOWN MARE
                      STARDUSTER JR                                                     PERCENTAGE by MIDWAY
                        QH Sorrel                                     THREE BARS        MYRTLE DEE by LUKE McLUKE
                        148,663                     BARRED                              RED JOEofARIZONAby JOE REED
                                                                      READY             RUBY by RED CLOUD
                                    MAZIE BAR                                           SILVERTONE by DUNNY BOY
                                      QH Sorrel                       CAPTAIN BILL      STAR LIGHT by GOLDEN CHIEF
                                      50,150        MAZIE DAISY                         DING BOB by BROWN DICK
                                                                      DAISY MAY         LULA BELLE by SALADIN
          CREAMY STAR                                                                   NICK by SHEIK
            QH Palomino                                               NICK SHOEMAKER    SLIPALONG WIESCAMPbyLANICHIEF
            1,705,914                               JOKER W                             REIGHLOCK
                                                                      HOLLYHOCK W       MISS HALL by LIGHT CARBINE 
                                    MR JOKER JOE                                        COWBOY by YELLOW JACKET
                                      QH Palomino                     LITTLE COWBOY     SHOW GIRL by WAVE OF EIRE
                                      78,232        MISS BONITA                         LITTLE NICK by NICK SHOEMAKER
                                                                      SHEBA II          SHEBA by WAVE OF EIRE
                      CREAMY BLAZE                                                      KING by ZANTANON
                        QH Palomino                                   ZANTANON H        MARIA ELENA by ZANTANON
                        290,809                     ZAN BREEZE                          RED JOE by GRANO DE ORO
                                                                      MARCH BREEZE      TEXAS BLACK ANNIEbyLITTLE JOE 
                                    BLONDIE BREEZE                                      JACK McCUE by PETER McCUE
                                      QH Palomino                     BARNEY OWENS      MAUD by SHORTY
                                      107,070       CINDERELLA LOWELL                   PLAUDIT by KING PLAUDIT
                                                                      SUNFLOWER W       RED ANT by OLD JOE

Starduster's breeding:

Three Bars      5X        Norfleet               Old Nick          5X 
Sheik P-11      3X        Peter McCue  18X       Plaudit           2X
Joe Moore                 Little Joe   10X       Traveler         12X
Hickory Bill    3X        Leo           2X       Joe Reed P-3      5X
My Texas Dandy  2X        Midnight      2X       Badger            2X
Clabber                   Waggoner      3X       Harmon Baker      2X
Croton Oil                Joe Hancock            Oklahoma Star P-6 3X
Cowboy P-12     2X        Hard Twist             Yellow Jacket     6X
Pretty Boy                Dee Dee                Chief P-5         2X
Poco Bueno                King          3X       Zantanon          5X
Possum (King)             Old Fred      3X       Yellow Wolf       2X
Red Joe of Arizona        Jiggs                  Blackburn         2X